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public static ConnectProductInfo ( Object ConnectProductInfoRequest )
    Return: Object ConnectProductInfoResponse

Synch product database with Bongo. Provide us with basic item details and we take care of applying all the additional necessary information for like HSCode and Billable Weight to properly calculate all shipping related costs.

Bongo Connect
Object ConnectProductInfoRequest Required

Required object by the function

String partnerKey Required

Required Key to access the functions of Connect API

String language Required

Defines the language in which the return error will be shown. Supported Languages.

Array items (Object ProductInfoDat ) Required

Set of products with their respective descriptions, ready to be recorded in the Master Book of Bongo International.

Object ConnectProductInfoResponse

Return object of the function

Integer error

Numerical code error message.

String errorMessage

Text string describing the error message.

String errorMessageDetail

List of Insertion Errors

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