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public static ConnectLandedCost ( Object ConnectLandedCostRequest )
    Return: Object ConnectLandedCostResponse

Calculate the total cost (Duties, Taxes and Shipping Costs) of a shipment to a specific country.

Bongo Connect
Object ConnectLandedCostRequest Required

Input object required by the function.

String partnerKey Optional

Required Key to access the functions of Connect API

String language Optional

Defines the language in which the return error will be shown. Supported Languages.

String privateIndividuals Optional

Defines if the calculation is for a private individual or a non-private individuals like a business, group or organization. Default Y: private individuals, N: non-private indivisuals

Array items (Object ProductInfo ) Optional

Items with their respective descriptions, ready for shipment from the vendor to Bongo International.

String shipmentOriginCountry Optional

Defines the country of origin of shipment. Country Code List

String shipmentDestinationAddress1 Optional

Defines the receiving address 1 of shipment

String shipmentDestinationAddress2 Optional

Defines the receiving country of shipment.

String shipmentDestinationCity Optional

Defines the receiving city of shipment

String shipmentDestinationStateOrProvince Optional

Defines the receiving state or province of shipment.

String shipmentDestinationZip Optional

Defines the receiving zip code of shipment.

String shipmentDestinationCountry Optional

Defines the receiving country of shipment. Country Code List

Float domesticShippingCost Optional

Defines the cost of shipment from the company concerned to Bongo International.

Integer insuranceFlag Optional

Defines the inclusion or not of a shipping insurance from Bongo International to the final customer. Possible Values: 0 = No Loss and Damage Protection. 1 = Loss and Damage Protection

Integer currency Optional

Defines the currency in which the total amount will be returned in. 0=  US Dollar, 1= The currency of the shipping destination. Currency Code List

Float currencyConversionRate Optional

Defines the exchange rate between the currency of the shipping destination and the US Dollar

Integer service Optional

Defines the type of delivery, possible values: 0 = Express, 1 = Standard, 2 = Economy.

Object ConnectLandedCostResponse

Object function return.

Integer error

Numerical code error message.

String errorMessage

Text string describing the error message.

String errorMessageDetail

List of Insertion Errors

Array items (Object LandedProduct )

Collection of LandedProduct indicating that products have been used to calculate the cost of shipping

Float dutyCost

Total tax payable from Bongo International to the final customer.

Float taxCost

Total shipment Tax cost

Float shippingCost

Cost of shipping from Bongo International to the customer

Float insuranceCost

Total Loss and Damage Protection to pay for shipping from Bongo International to customer

String currencyCode

Currency code of the costs returned by the function

Integer ddpAvailable

Returns ddp (Delivery Duties Paid) availability for an item: 0 = No, 1 = Yes

String bongoExtendSignup

A Javascript that generates a button with which the customer may use to create Bongo International account from the vendors site

String landedCostTransactionID

Landed cost transaction identifier

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