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Export API v4.3 Documentation

HTTPS / Secure Connections

HTTPS is 100% supported with valid, signed certificates for all API methods. Those manually coding Submit URLs can simply change the http to https in the URL (make sure your connection library supports HTTPS!).

Questions? Problems?

Have you run into difficulties or a method just does not seem to work right? Check out our API Support options here and we will be happy to assist you.


Error Code

Error List

When the Export API web service encounters an error while processing a request, the entire operation fails and it returns a numeric error code as well as a detailed error message.

Bongo Connect

ConnectProductInfo ( Object ConnectProductInfoRequest )

Synch product database with Bongo. Provide us with basic item details and we take care of applying all the additional necessary information for like HSCode and Billable Weight to properly calculate all shipping related costs.

ConnectLandedCost ( Object ConnectLandedCostRequest )

Calculate the total cost (Duties, Taxes and Shipping Costs) of a shipment to a specific country.

ConnectOrder ( Object ConnectOrderRequest )

Send us details of your international orders for complete fullfillment.

ConnectOrderRemove ( Object ConnectOrderRemoveRequest )

This Function is used to REMOVE an exsisting order made with the ConnectOrder function.

ConnectOrderTrackingUpdate ( Object ConnectOrderTrackingUpdateRequest )

Update and or Add Tracking Numbers to any item of a submitted order.

ConnectSkuStatus ( Object ConnectSkuStatusRequest )

Return the product Status.