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1. I need Help, where can I get Support??

Glad you asked - support info is here

2. Is this thing on? Are there any API stats I can see?

Yup, sure are! We have statistics on API usage broken down by User and IP address, but most of that is for our internal use. We can make this Data available to you upon request.

3. Do you use datacenter-specific API endpoints/URLs?

No, we do not.

4. Are there any "best practice" guidelines for integrators or folks developing around the API?

Sure, why not, let is give this a shot:

  • Consider caching some values that are often used and rarely changed.
  • Before syncing your products with our system, make sure you have thoroughly looked over the details especially the Product ID which our system uses to determine the Landed Cost.

5. Are there connection limits, throttling, rate limiting, etc?

We currently DO NOT implement Connection Limits and Rate Limit throttling.

6. I am worried about reliability!

Fair enough. First, if you are cool with just flying by the seat of your pants, then you will be happy to hear that we have 99.9% uptime.

Still reading? Good. The fact of the matter is that everyone has outages, unplanned downtime, and the such on occasion - it is simply a fact of life, especially when dealing with the intertubes and the bazillion services out there you may connect to. If you are serious about caring about potential outages of partner systems you work with, then we suggest you have some method of running calls through some sort of queuing system so that you can retry any failures. Obviously that also means that you need to be doing good error checking in your code as well.

7. How do you handle downtime?

First, know that we have never taken the API offline unless the main web app also had to be taken down - when we know there will be downtime it will be Tweeted via our @bongo_api account (and probably re-tweeted via @bongo_api). There is also a good chance of a blog post, an in-app messages when you login, and via the Announcement group. Typically the only time that happens is when we do releases that require major database changes, though those typically don not affect an account for too terribly long.

Other than planned downtime, the API reliability tends to directly follow the app is since they are generally using the same resources. As stated above, we have 99.9% uptime, though as with most things, there are occasional bumps or slow downs due to load issues, but even those are not common. We also use DNS load balancing, so if you are pinned to an app server due to your DNS not respecting our TTLs, you could have issues if an app server in our clusters goes down. Regardless, any time unexpected downtime occurs, information is typically disseminated via the @bongo_api twitter account.