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Export API Overview

Our API driven model keeps the Bongo process behind-the-scenes. Your international visitors will choose their ship-to country and pay you directly for the international shipping to complete the checkout process. Increase your international conversion rates by making the checkout more seamless and showing full landed costs to your customers!


Bongo Export enables merchants to provide international customers with a seamless and positive shopping experience. The various tools and features available through our APIs help eliminate shopping cart abandonment and increase conversions for international customers visiting your site.

Our Bongo Export solution provides:

  • Seamless Customer Experience
  • Supports Currency Conversion
  • Accurate Duty/Tax Calculation
  • 1-5 Day Global Transit
  • Drop Shipper Benefits
  • Multi-Lingual Customer Support
  • Repackaging Services
  • Aggressive All-Inclusive Air Discount
  • Service to over 220 countries
  • Export Compliance Management
  • HS Classification
  • Universal Tracking

Basic Details

You can connect into our API using XML-RPC or a simple SOAP HTTPS GET. Then you can get the data back out in XML strings or plain old XML-RPC. This gives you the most flexibility to connect to us however you like and get data back in a form that is going to be very quick and easy for you to work with.

There is only one set of functions currently covered in our latest API v4.0.0. We call this set "Bongo Connect". The following are it's 6 functions:

Export Order

Forward us any international order for our fullfillment.

Export Landed Cost

Calculate all shipping and duty related costs for any one or mulit-item order.

Export Product Info

Synch product database with Bongo. Provide us with basic item details and we take care of applying all the additional necessary information for like HSCode and Billable Weight to properly calculate all shipping related costs.

Export Order Remove

Remove an existing order.

Export Tracking Update

Update/Add Tracking Numbers to submitted orders.

Export Sku Status

Return the product Status.

How To Get Started

The Export API is available in SOAP HTTPS GET. It is available free of charge. Here is the documentation.

Not A Programmer?

If you are not a programmer or if one is unavailable to you, we would be happy to put you in contact with one of our many qualified service providers.

API Documentation

API Examples

Here are some examples for our API to help you code...

Php 5 Examples
Support by: Export API
.Net Examples
Support by: Export API
Java Examples
Support by: Export API


Plugins for shopping carts and other systems from Bongo users...

  • Volusion
  • Channel Advisor
  • ZenCart Plugins
  • coming soon

Got a contribution? Tell us about it!

Case Study

Building private-label "client portals" with the Export API

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